Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DLSU Archery Club

I've already posted a summary of this story here before but what the heck...

When I was in second year college, I was so much into the DLSU Green Archers that I would literally stalk them whenever I see them on campus grounds on my free time. This was when my ex-boyfriend was on leave and I had all the time to do whatever I want to do (on my own). I wondered for a while why we didn't have archery as a PE subject nor did we have a varsity team for archery. I shrugged it off since I have far more important things in mind (e.g. Joseph Yeo). I didn't know that I was about to be a part of the DLSU Archery Club history that year.

My all-time professor-crush, Doc Eric Punzalan, asked me to help him put up the DLSU Archery Club one sunny afternoon after Chem class in 2006 and I happily obliged, thinking this was a great way to pass the time and working side by side Doc Eric was like a dream come true for me. I mean we would work together during our free times and I spent a lot of time in the Chem Dept., it felt like I worked there...I was head over heels over him, okay?

I didn't anticipate hooking up with a really attractive guy (with the same age as me) and the hardwork that comes with me, agreeing to put DLSU Archery Club up but I worked hard for it until the time that the only thing we were waiting for was the approval of the people who we needed the approval of (HUH?). I was a graduating student then, with thesis and all when he told me that he'll be taking care of things from that point on so I can focus on my thesis and all (such a sweet guy). A guy from the lower batch took over my post as president and he became the very first official president of the org. I don't mind, actually. For me, I've done my job, my superior acknowledged my work and praised me for a job well done, end of story.

Fast forward to June 3, 2012, when I posted a sales ad to the Archery Club Facebook page that I now regret posting. Doc Eric Punzalan replied to the post with developments with the org and some text messages telling me that I should go meet him with the team and that lunch's on him when we see each other. I feel really flattered with the fact that he hasn't forgotten about me and my contribution to the org. I mean a lot of other people will just forget about you because you really weren't there when the org started but Doc Eric? He never fails to tell me everytime we "talk" that the members of the org should meet me and should know that I am the pioneer among all the other members. It's so heartwarming and nakakakilig.

I really love him. Favorite prof of all time award goes to Doc Eric Punzalan.

Now, that lunch with him and the entire DLSU Archery Club... Kelan kaya?


  1. hi. i'm from dlsu too. how can i join the archery club?

    1. Hi! Their president said you can just drop by Enrique Razon Sports Complex 2nd floor and approach anyone holding a bow there from 6pm-8pm this week for the orientation. Good luck! :)