Saturday, October 2, 2010

My first ever presentation as Production Manager...

Yes, I've been to countless presentations to client since I started working with TVSTYLE but last Wednesday was the ONLY presentation that got me giddy and pumped up after ('cause usually it's either I'm stressed or I just want to get home after).

You see, I'm the PM of that project. The first ever (and probably the last if I don't go back there anymore) MAJOR project they entrusted me with and the client loved it! Of course, there were minor revisions here and there but for the most part, they loved it! After the presentation, I still felt like working even if it was late already and I felt like nothing can ruin my mood. I was sooooo up in the sky that night. Every hassle was definitely worth it. Even dealing with that worthless writer was worth it.

I like the feeling of having to boss people around and be all snooty and stuff and get praised in the end and this situation gave me the opportunity to do just that... Plus, I get paid for doing it!

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