Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's official.

Yes, I've finally attended one of those "coffee sessions" my officemates have been raving about since God-knows-when. They've been forcing me to attend the session as an intro to PSI Leadership Seminar. Or as how they call it, PSI Basic.

Basically, it was a sneak peak of what will be happening in the PSI Basic seminar that will be held Thursday to Sunday next week. Why it's called "coffee session", I don't know either.

So anyway, my boss and my boyfriend (WTF, I was about to spell 'paid' as 'payed') paid for the seminar fee but not after Bry and I started snapping at each other ('cause that's how we are with each other).

I like the whole idea of attending this seminar except for one thing: The 3rd day falls on the 20th which is Bry's birthday. He said it's all good but I feel walang kwenta for not being there on his birthday. Guess I'll just have to make it up to him the weekend after PSI.

Anyway, this seminar's supposed to help me decide and get what I want (e.g. marry Bry and actually live with him just in time for Jellybean's arrival). Hope this really helps me.

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