Sunday, November 7, 2010

She keeps on kicking, kicking, kicking... ☺

Jellybean's been really malikot. Even my OB says she's one helluva energetic baby.

The last time I was in the clinic, when the doctor was about to check her heartbeat with one of those thing-a-ma-jiggys with a speaker on it, she kicked her! ☺ Both of us were, like, "Woah!" when we heard it.

Sometimes when I lie in bed at night, I think I hear a *thump* whenever she kicks.

Okay, right this very minute she's making this weird movement that's making my tummy look weird. Hihi.

This has been my ONLY source of happiness these past couple of days, with all that's happening with me and her dad...

Now, if only someone would get me doughnuts then I'd really, really, really be happy. Nyahahaha.

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