Sunday, November 7, 2010

This "depression" should stop...

I've been really, really sad these past few days. So now, I shall make good use of my time... 

Yep, since I stopped working, I did nothing but go online and pity myself for not being able to go out on gimmicks and all that stuff with my friends and my boyfriend (we used to drink EVERY night). So now, I've found a way to keep myself busy and at the same time, earn me some moolah: ODESK! Okay, I didn't actually find it. My used-to-be cancer-stricken (and used-to-be) boss (who is very much alive) did and I figured I could find a home-based job here as well.

I've found some jobs that fits my liking but I didn't apply yet. I will start with my "new" life tomorrow because this might keep me up all night. I am not excited but the though of earning in USD is making me giddy like a high school girl.

But first, I should do number 6. It will take a lot of will to do just that.

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