Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A more realistic wishlist 2010.

My mom wanted us to write our more realistic wishlist because my sister and I have this wishlist that's composed of laptops, cars and cellphones which are not available in the Philippines. So I've written my realistic wishlist down and these are what I wished for:

A pink BlackBerry. Or a black one with a pink jelly protector thingy.

Okay, this probably isn't realistic but it is more realistic than a 2-door Pajero but I want a pink Beetle.

A whole box of doughnuts all to myself.

Either one of the two coats. But obviously, if you give me both, I'll be a happy little girl.

Stripped shirts. Just 'cause.

Books. But I need to have a copy of these.

Any one of these flash drives but I prefer Elmo and/or Cookie Monster.

And lastly, an island vacay.

Realistic naman, diba?

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