Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It arrived!

I was kinda wondering when my Firmoo Sunglasses were gonna arrive in the mail since I ordered it from their website weeks ago. Well, it finally came in the mail just 10 minutes ago. I got all excited when the mailman yelled "Aleigna!" because I knew that the sunglasses have finally arrived.

This aviator sunglasses comes in two colors. This and black. :)
There are so many glasses you can choose from the Firmoo Global Online Optical Store and most of them are prescription glasses. You just send in your doctor's prescription to them and they put the grade onto your chosen pair of glasses and then they send it to you via courier.

Firmoo does not only sell eyeglasses. They sell sunglasses and goggles. You can also ask them to put your doctor's prescription into the sunglasses and the goggles.

Go get your Firmoo glasses today. Visit their site: and like their Facebook page:


  1. Oooh, I like it. (Them? Kasi di ba pair? Hehe. I like them.)

  2. Them ata kasi PAIR of sunglassES. Hehe. :)) Thanks! :)