Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Kean Cipriano-related post.

If you're tired of reading about him here, get the hell outta here.

Anyway, as I am typing this, I am refreshing my Twitter feed for Kean Cipriano's updates. It's this time in the morning - pag wala siyang gig - that he replies to all of those who message him on Twitter and that means he's flooding his followers' timelines but I am not complaining because every tweet gets me all kilig even if they're not for me or I cannot actually relate altogether.

I kinda miss this feeling, obsessing over one person without actually falling in love with him. It's all pure, unadulterated (maybe) kilig. Last time I felt this was in college but with College Dude, well, he's very much reachable to the point that we had a "moment" one of the inuman sessions that I swear happened even if I keep on blacking out the entire time and another "moment" where I was sober but I don't consider that a moment because he just got set-up that one time.

Anyway, this obsession has been keeping my mind off of things that might make me sad or paranoid or anything negative. He's my happy crush as of the moment.

Happy crush just posted this on his timeline:

At siya pa talaga nagpost niyan ah... Hahaha! :))

*sigh* I love him. I even asked my friend who is his stylist for The Reunion to actually drag me to one of their shooting days so I can stare at his face in person.

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