Sunday, July 22, 2012

My first ever Zalora purchase.

My first Zalora purchase happened in May 2012, when I was nowhere near the badge on my sidebar (I still am not over it). It was the time when my fascination with all things girly started. Yes, I started young.

Anyway, I bought two arm candies from via Zalora:

I ordered it on a Sunday, if I'm not mistaken so I was expecting they were going to send it two days after the purchase because that's how other online shops work. Zalora, though, has a different approach. They first call you (in my case, they called the same day meaning their services don't stop even during the weekend) and confirm your order and then they deliver it. I heard some people got their packages the same day which is really convenient. And cool. Mostly cool.

What's even cooler is their packaging. You have to see it:

It's so nice and classy and it once again surprised me. I was used to receiving packages that were wrapped in a black plastic or a National Bookstore one but the Zalora package came inside this really nice box.

I paid via Paypal but they have different payment options to make it so convenient for their customers. They even have cash on delivery in their options! Now that's total customer service! It's great that they trust their customers the way their customers trust them.

I'll be placing another order one of these days and you should, too! If the box, the same day delivery or the cash on delivery payment option didn't convince you, maybe this can help you make your decision:

Voucher code: Aletotski0 (Aletotski[zero])
Get a 5% discount when you purchase a minimum of Php500.

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