Friday, August 24, 2012

Things I used to do all the time that I cannot do anymore.

  • Drink a whole lot of gin without puking the next day.
  • Drink the Central way (one shot every 30 seconds) without getting drunk 10 minutes into the night.
  • Smoke 'til my voice - and lungs - give out.
  • Stay awake for more than 24 hours without getting cranky.
  • Eat once a day.
  • Drink 7 consecutive nights/days a week.
  • Watch TV the entire day.
  • Go out with an all-boys barkada without thinking how I look like or come across.
  • Plug earphones to my ear the whole day.
  • Stay right next to a blaring speaker the whole night and not care at all.
  • Sleep the entire day without getting headaches.
  • Commute without getting tired.

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