Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

Agape. Unconditional love. This is the most important form of love that can ever be given to someone and I vow to give this kind of love to random people for the rest of my life.

I've been thinking about how I will actually go about this. After all, it's love that doesn't ask nor expect anything in return... Well, I am a mom and that automatically - for a lack of a better term - counts but I want to do something for other people. Someone I do not know. I know that I can do something that involves a non-profit organization but I want something simpler.

Okay. Here's what I will do: For the remainder of the year, I will pay for at least one person's jeepney/FX/tricycle fare everytime I go out. After all, I've done this a number of times already. I usually do it for the person who has a lot to carry or is with a baby or a grandparent or with a person with disability. Not that I am trying to brag or anything; it's just that I know how it feels like to commute with something or someone in tow.

For next year, I will come up with something better like, probably, share my umbrella to someone who doesn't have one when the rain is pouring or split a cab to someone running late. Unconditional love doesn't have to be grand or expensive. All you have to do is think about how you can help another person without holding it over his/her head like some kind of debt that you can encash any time in the future.

Love and every act of love is universal that it can transcend any barriers and United Colors of Benetton wouldn't have come up with a better concept for their next line of fragrances. Benetton challenges us to go out and make someone feel loved  as they launch their two new fragrances, Let's Move for men and Let's Love for women:

How about you, what act of love would you willingly give to your neighbor? To your loved one? To your friends?

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