Saturday, March 9, 2013

Taking this writing thing seriously.

This morning, I realized that if I wanted to take this writing thing seriously since it's one of the most convenient jobs ever - and not to mention I love doing it and blabbering on even if nobody's listening/reading/giving a damn - I had to sell myself like other businesses do. Apart from asking friends to recommend me to people they know, I thought I needed to produce business cards, too, so that people I do not know and have no connection to will hear of my services.

Here are some designs I made in Phoster (I don't know how to use Adobe Photoshop, okay?). Which one should I go with?

I know, I know. The landscape ones aren't the actual business card size but I had to make do with what Phoster has. And I don't know how to remove the icons at the bottom of the pink design so just pretend it's not there.

I wanted a clean, fuss-free card so I ended up with these three designs/templates. Personally like the pink and the last one though I don't know why I put an ampersand there.

I'm also thinking of removing the URL of my blog in the contact details because to be honest, this isn't a place where they can find something that can actually help them with any problem they're having, since that's what blog apparently is for now.

So, what do you think?


  1. Something I should be doing as a blogger but not because, well, I'm not freelance: make a portfolio site (like what Ariane does) and link to that.

    Prefer the third business card, but not the use of Georgia. Hehe.

    1. That's good, too, but I'm a pretty boring person. I am not interested in stuff that other people will be interested in but I do write blogs for other people. Parang guest blogging.

      And what font would you recommend? Wala akong alam na ibang font na maganda apart from Georgia. Hihi. :))

    2. *I am not interested in stuff that other people are interested in.

    3. Font? I'm currently into Futura. But that's very modern. May magagandang serif font naman na easily available sa Windows. Try Sylfaen.