Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Great Gatsby

There are 3 things that I loved about The Great Gatsby:
  1. The soundtrack (I love you, Jay-Z!!!)
  2. LThe production design
  3. The great Gatsby
But there's one thing that I hated about it: Daisy.

My realizations after the movie? The babydaddy SHOULD watch this movie for him to know what a gold digger really is. Not that I care that he changes his perception of me. I just want him to learn 

...and that I should get back to reading. I felt sort of guilty not having to read the book first before watching the movie.

...and how similar the (serious) movies I enjoy watching are: The Great Gatsby, Prestige, Inception.

...and how awesome Jay-Z('s influence) truly is! (I love the soundtrack so much, okay?!)

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