Friday, June 21, 2013

SAS-MIA Game 7

I am not really into basketball as much as those hardcore fanatics are but I understand the game. Having said that, I've been a Spurs "fan" since 2003. I rarely watch their games, yes, but I always watch the games that mattered. I would cheer them on and trash talk my ex-boyfriend, his brother, my cousin and practically every single one of my friends because they really hate San Antonio for some reason. That and they're hardcore Kobe/Lakers supporters and if you know me enough, you'd know I hate Kobe with a burning passion only because he's sooooo good. Yes, I'm weird like that.

Whatever they say, though, that "tanders" team still delivers. Look at where they are now...or rather an hour ago. At the finals, game 7, down 7 points. Not too bad for a team with rather old players, don't you think? Plus, with the old school plays they run, effective parin!

I don't think I'm changing teams anytime soon. These guys are the epitome of oldies but goodies... But I think I really need to watch more basketball games, not only the NBA. PBA, Filoil, UAAP, NCAA, barangay leagues... I feel I come off as a trying-hard basketball fan on Twitter whenever I tweet anything basketball-related. Not that I care what people say about me... Dama ko lang sa sarili ko na ang poser ko minsan (madalas). Hahaha!

I really have to say this, though: MANU BENTA!

Oo, bitter ako.

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