Friday, July 19, 2013

Welcome, stalker!

I've forgotten about this tracking thing I have in the blog. I just remembered I had it literally an hour ago and after minutes of browsing through my "visitors", I realized that there's someone stalking me here. I know the details of this stalker and if I'm not mistaken, I actually know who s/he is.

So to you, dear stalker, welcome. I've told you about this blog years ago. I bet you're thankful I didn't delete it when you told me to. Haha! Enjoy my thoughts which are mostly about another guy - who I am not dating, BTdubs - so... there.

Oh, here's something to drive you crazy, stalker dearest: I have another blog where I post things I would never tell anyone else ever. Hint: You won't find it on my Facebook page. Lalalalalala. Goodluck finding it!

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