Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I've thought about it before...

...and holy crap, I'm thinking about it again.

I am not going to elaborate on it anymore because I don't want to lose face again but here's what I'm going to say: Watching Cougar Town - yeah, I've finished Community - when times are hard is not a very good idea; especially if you're a single mom who's just gotten back in the field after "starving yourself" for what seemed like forever. Doesn't matter if you've already hooked up or not, it's just not wise to watch it altogether. It effs your brain up without you noticing it.

Watching it just put me in this dark place where I will never know what the answer will be unless I actually ask which doesn't sit well with me because 1) I'm (finally!) currently in this stage where I am comfortable not communicating and 2) even if I have the chance to ask, I am totally not the kind of person to ask about it. Not that I'm a prude but I am quite confident about it but this TV series messed with my freakin' head and I'm not even halfway through season 1 (I'm on episode 3)!

I love Courteney Cox because, hello, she's Monica Bing and to be honest, the series' story is somewhat relevant but if you seriously, seriously love your relatively young, single mom-self, do not watch Cougar Town...well, not if you have the insecurities of a high school girl like me but if you're really confident with your "skills set", then, yeah, go ahead and watch it. See if I care. (I will.)

PS. This wouldn't have happened if I went on to watch Suits instead.


  1. Note to self: do not recommend Raising Hope.

    1. Note to self: Don't even think of searching for Raising Hope torrents.

      (Why did you have to mention ittttttttt?! Nacucurious ako! Hahaha! :)))