Friday, October 4, 2013

The only reason...

My good friend, Lau, suggested I watch Community and now I am so addicted to it. I've never seen Joel McHale this hot! The story's great and everyone's funny but, yeah, Hottie McHotterson over there...hummuhnah hummuhnah hummuhnah.

(I can't stop staring into his eyes... #crazyladyalert)

(I can't understand most of their pop culture references - especially those that Abed say - so I am making it my goal to watch more movies and TV series in the remainder of this year. Itaga na yan sa bato.)


  1. And he gets hotter with every weird costume change.

    (stares at Alison Brie)

    1. Napansin ko nga e. On season 3 now. Ang ganda ng hair niyaaaaaaa! *faints*

      Alison Brie. Lugi e. :((