Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seriously giving it a thought.

Alright, alright. I may be jumping the tattoo bandwagon later than everyone my age did but I only get the chance to get one now because I FINALLY stopped breastfeeding Brianna. Yes, she's turning three in 10 days and she just stopped now. Better late than never, right? Plus, when I was younger, I was scared what my mom would say but now, I don't really give a damn. No disrespect or anything. I just figured now - late, too, I know - that she can't do anything about it when she sees it on me so there's no point in cowaring anymore.

Anyway, I'm giving getting a tattoo a serious thought now that I'm finally finished with the whole breastfeeding hoopla because one, I don't really have the extra budget for that with Brianna's birthday coming up (no, I'm not throwing her a party) and enrollment season fast approaching and two, I'm scared that it will hurt. A lot. I want my first (and probably my last because I can't think of any other tattoo that would make sense in the least for me) tattoo on my ring finger. Something like this but I want mine on the side of the finger, I want the lightning to be facing me (does that make sense?) and I want it colored in, not just the outline.

Good thing I didn't - couldn't - get a tattoo back in 2011. I would've regretted marking my body with this. But this lightning bolt...I'd definitely get this before I get married.

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