Thursday, September 25, 2014

Objectifying men... I'm not even sorry.

Still haven't moved on from the Bench: The Naked Truth show's parade of abs yet when the abs of Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash: COSMO69 come marching right in...

JOSEPH MARCOOOOOOOO! Chief Compliance Officer, huh? He might want to call me to his office; I'm not really good at following rules and policies and stuff... Ugh. My little crush on Joseph Marco's developing into a full-blown Kean Cipriano-esque obsession and it. Is. Not Good. But good god, his face (and abs) beg to differ.

Yeah, Paulo Avelino suddenly made my list after making a special appearance in my dreams last night.

I know both guys appeared at the Bench show so I shouldn't be drooling in front of my computer all over again but the fact remains: girls can never get enough of topless men like guys can never get enough of boobies.


  1. Thank you for not chastising us men for liking topless women.

    Not that I'm saying it's always right, but you know...

    1. E kung gusto niyo naman gawin yan, sino ba'ko para manghusga? Hahahaha! :))