Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It physically hurts.

On the Wings of Love is down to its last 3 weeks and it seems like the show's directors decided to give their audience the biggest heartbreak in the show's finale, at the rate things are going.

A few days ago, they decided to give us, their loyal viewers a peek of what's in store in Clark and Leah's journey and for that, I'd want to thank the entire OTWOL team. Thank you for shattering the illusion I've had these past few months of how perfect Clark and Leah's marriage is despite the unconventional context the idea of them getting married was in the beginning. Thank you for destroying the flawlessness of Clark Medina, the ideal guy to bring home to mom. Thank you for giving Leah Olivar the opportunity to make her dreams come true.

Thank you.

But most of all, thank you for giving me the biggest heartbreak I've had since 2013.

Yes, I am heavily invested in Clark and Leah's love story. I can't say that I am a JaDine fan - merely watching all films/TV shows they've appeared in doesn't count as being a fan, in my standards - but I'm definitely an OTWOLista who cried with Clark when Leah left him at the San Francisco airport that fateful October night, rejoiced with Leah when she landed that job in ArtMart Manila despite doubting herself, and root for Tolayts as he continuously proves his love for Manang Tiffany (Yes, I'm a huge fan of Tolayts).

So imagine how heartbroken I was when Leah decided to leave the Philippines for a job opportunity in Dubai. All the episodes prior to last night's episode have been leading up to this decision but I was rooting for Leah to change her mind and decide to let Clark help her. They are husband and wife, after all. But true to the 'unpredictable' impression they first gave their viewers, the OTWOL team decided to let Leah Olivar's fearlessness dictate the couple's fate. She had a dream and a drive. She won't let anything - not even her husband - hinder her from fulfilling a lifelong dream to give her family a better life. I am all for women empowerment but I have to be honest: This decision knocked the air out of my lungs. I wouldn't have done it, especially with the knowledge that I will still be granted the promotion once Simon leaves. There is always a way to make things work without leaving the other one to freeze out in the cold but that's just me.

I haven't even had a chance to recover from that Monday night heartbreak, Antoinette Jadaone decided to drop another huge bomb reminiscent of the SanFo airport scene, this time in CIA (probably), with a miserable Clark Medina looking for his wife in the vast, albeit empty, airport the very next day. The look on James Reid's face brought me to tears, feeling like I was the one Leah left without a goodbye. Each and every scene from the February 9 episode is so heartbreaking, I'm actually thinking of boycotting the series until On the Wings of Love ends. Not that I can actually do that since I would love to see how all of this will unfold in the end. It just hurts. It physically hurts me to watch these two grow apart.

Despite all the hurt these two are giving me, though, I am still for Team #CLeah. I am still for Clark Medina and Leah Olivar - Medina. Naniniwala parin ako sa forever.

(You'd think that after all I've been through with men boys, I'd be more cynical/jaded/bitter but thank God, I'm not.)

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