Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I can't die now.

I'm feeling a lot of stuff these past few weeks enough to unleash the paranoid girl inside me. All of these things I'm feeling lead up to a heart least that's what WebMD told me.

Anyway, I will be having myself checked one of these days because I seriously can't die anytime soon. My life is at a point where I ain't complainin' 'bout nothin' and everything seems to be going my way for the first time ever. I am at a point in my life where the voices in my head have been silenced by the magnificent God I've been fervently praying to. As the cliche goes, "I am not exactly in the place where I want to be in but I am definitely on my way" or something to that effect so please, Dear Lord, spare me from any illness. I promise to let go of the stinky habit of smoking, no matter how hard it is. Just don't take me yet.

So weird typing out those words when just a few months back, I've been contemplating strangling myself with a belt but yeah. I need to live. If not for me, for my daughter. Please Lord.

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