Thursday, September 2, 2010

Resigning from my current job...

I was inspired by Ariane's post regarding quitting your current job (you can find it here).

I took a leave from work to build my "power resume" - if you call it that - and find a job that I will actually enjoy.

Don't get me wrong, though. I enjoy being in the office. All the crazy people who compliment and complement each other. All the internet and cigarettes you want when you want them. All the free time you could ever ask for. It has become my comfort zone and I've grown to love the place and all the people - all 14 of them, including Bry ♥ - who work there.

But I realized just now that since my previous Production Manager (Hello Mameh!) resigned, I just didn't have the same dedication to my work anymore. Maybe it's because after she left, they won't let me go to shoots just because of that one measly incident in our Mister Donut project. I actually think that wasn't fair but, yeah, what am I to do, right? Anyway, I'm all over that. Especially now that I have a reason not to go to shoots anymore. ☺ Plus, I'm not blaming anyone or anything regarding this.

I think I just don't enjoy my work there now, as much as I did before. Yes, I have been given bigger responsibilities now and they trust me to handle one whole department but I don't feel happy doing it. It's like I'm going through the motions but I can't feel fulfillment when I finish a task... We're not even talking about the "technical part" of being an employee (ie benefits, salaries, etc).

My decision to resign might be a selfish move to some. I might agree with them at some point but I have to think about how I want my/our life to be perfect. This is one small step to that goal.

Now, back to my "power resume".

Note: I'm considering working online 'cause I'm tamad like that.


  1. Dear Ale,

    Sometimes, being selfish is totally justifiable...and acceptable. :)

    PS: There are tons of online jobs and gigs. You can totally rock that.


  2. Yeah, especially kung growth at maturity mo na ang pinaguusapan. :)

    Thanks talaga sa entry mo, Ariane. Dun ko lang narealize fully na di pala ako nagiisa sa iniisip ko. Hahaha! :))