Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I had the craziest dream last night...

I dreamt of Enchong Dee last night. I dunno why but I did. He's not my type AT ALL and kinakain niya ang salita niya when he speaks. Add that to the fact that I used to see him in school before and nauumay ako sa face niya. But I dreamt of him, all right.

And it wasn't just any dream. I dreamt that I CHEATED ON BRY WITH HIM!

We were in a mall, sitting on one of these benches by the escalators (yes, it was that vivid). He was asking me if I wanted to be with him, that he's not bothered - at all - by the fact that I was knocked up by another guy. I was explaining to him that I was perfectly happy with Bry and all that. He suddenly kissed me (his lips were super soft).

And guess what happened next.

Yes, Bry passed by and saw us. Then we talked and I denied everything (huli na nga, dineny pa). Hahaha! :))

It really was a weird dream. I dunno what the dream means and I dunno why Enchong Dee was the other one and why I would want to cheat on Bry while carrying her. Damn weird dream. It was running through my mind the whole day...


  1. Perhaps the weirdest part is you knowing that his lips are super soft. Hahaha.

  2. I know! :s When I woke up the next day, parang alam na alam ko na ganun yung lips niya.