Thursday, November 4, 2010


I was browsing through a college acquaintance's blog...

Okay, long story short, I don't like receiving flowers. End of story.

I was supposed to blog about how much I hate receiving flowers and how nonsensical it is for me but my pea-sized attention span brought me to an old flame's Facebook page.

He and I were a "couple" back in college (especially to those who actually saw us together) though nothing was official because I was in a relationship then and our relationship went only as far as hanging out before and after class, sharing huge pizzas and California Makis. He probably is the prettiest - and sweetest - boy I ever went out with and I actually regretted not having him as my boyfriend months after he "disappeared".

How is he related to this post? He gave me 17 red roses through random schoolmates and 1 blue rose through the bar manager where we were hanging out the night of my 18th birthday. But this is NOT what this is all about.

So, anyway, I was browsing through his photos in Facebook and saw a few photos suggesting he is... uhm... you know, that he is gay.

I've nothing against them but hello, I practically made out with the guy only to find out... Okay, I have yet to confirm this but the thought's just bothering me.

Oh, man. This will haunt me in my sleep.


  1. who is this??? I have a name in mind but not sure if I'm right. haha

  2. TAMA ANG NASA ISIP MO!!! Hahaha! :))

  3. Nag-ffreak out ako habang tinatype yan... :S