Monday, November 15, 2010

I am on my Odesk break right now.

I just finished dinner and now, I am surfing the net and not doing my work for a client. Then I realized a while ago that even though my deadline's at the end of the week pa, I should finish this by Wednesday because I will be attending that leadership seminar in PSI on Thursday and it will last 'til Sunday meaning I won't have time then to finish this.

Okay, I know that my job right now is as easy as hell that a sixth-grader can do it but the way she speaks is kind of hard to comprehend. She's German and she eats some of her words. It is very easy talking to her (perhaps, 'cause we talk via chat only) but you know she means business.

Meaning I should be getting back to my work so I can finish on time.

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