Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I like and what I don't like...

I've been craving for doughnuts - Choco Frosted from Dunkin' Donuts to be specific - since they day we knew. What really surprised me are the scents I want and don't want to smell.

  1. I used to like this Dolce & Gabana scent but now, it just smells like old lady to me. What's worse is my brother's girlfriend wears that exact same scent. Now, whenever she's here, I just want to throw her out of the house.
  2. I feel weirded out by this: I sometimes like the smell of smoke. Smoke as in yosi. Weird, right? No bias and all...
  3. I also feel weirded out by this: I don't like the smell of alcohol. Alcohol as in alak. WHATISHAPPENINGTOME?! Alcohol has been running in through my veins for the longest time and I LOVE the smell of post-inuman on a person and now, I can't stand smelling it even for just a second.
Cravings? Not so weird. What I don't like to smell? Damn weird.

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