Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I got 2nd hand baby clothes!

Okay, I got the baby clothes months before this entry but I didn't get to take a look at the clothes 'til this weekend. My tita gave me the baby clothes, telling me my baby will outgrow it before I know it so it's wiser not to buy onesies anymore. Took the advise and actually asked for her baby's clothes. The white bathrobe-y clothes babies wear and the white booties, white mittens and white tiny wittle bonnets.

And these onesies. Both my mom and my tita swore Jellybean would only wear these for a couple of months and outgrow it...

So, anyway, the point of this entry is to ask for suggestions on what Jellybean should wear when she leaves the hospital with us. I know this sounds like a very girly problem but, yeah, surprise, Jellybean's a girl. Anyway, the first one's really cute plus it has buttons on the punja area to make diaper changing easier. The second one is adorable because she'll be warm all the way to her toes because the onesie's sewed shut at the bottom. The last one is adorably cute because it has bears' heads at the bottom where the feet should be!

I was screaming "Awwww" when I saw all three. Now I don't know which one Jellybean should wear...


  1. I say.... A! Hehe

  2. Vote count

    A - 2 (Ella and Kat)
    B - 0
    C - 0

    Yeheeeeey! I'm excited!