Monday, December 13, 2010

SSS... Why just now?!

I don't know why I kept on putting my SSS ID application off 'til now. Honestly, that's kind of lame. I mean, I've been - I'll be borrowing Marcia's term - FUNemployed since October but I didn't fix this SSS problem.

So, why did I finally decide to fix it? Because it is a requirement in the maternity reimbursement when I give birth.

Anyhoo, naturally, I went online for instructions and requirements. Guys, if you are self-employed or a voluntary member like me, the SSS website will not be of any help regarding this. All it can give you is the form that you will be needing to submit and that's about it. Not even those form things on the Contact Us page for your inquiries, comments and suggestions.

I had to read blogs and be all confused for 3 hours, I finally got all the information I need for the ID and the maternity reimbursement. Now, I'm all ready. I just need to print out all the paper requirements then Wednesday, off to SSS East Ave. branch (the only branches that have ID picture capture are Kalookan, Novaliches and East Ave).

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