Monday, December 13, 2010

What Christmas spirit?!

Honestly, I couldn't feel the Christmas spirit this year. Sure, houses are all lit-up and you can see Christmas decorations everywhere but the feel exactly? Nada.

Well, for one, it's still hot in the afternoon and the sun's still way bright for Christmas season.

It might be because I am not lounging around some Starbucks store, sipping my hot Peppermint Mocha drink and smoking my lungs dead while listening to stories and the laughter of whoever's right there with me.

Or probably because I haven't been out and about, battling with everyone in the malls/tiangges/ukay-ukays for the perfect Christmas present for those people in my Christmas list.

Maybe it's because I am not hanging out with friends at night, getting drunk as hell and don't remember a single thing in the morning when I wake up.

I know this is just me complaining.

But really, Christmas spirit is zero this year.


  1. Matagal nang hindi uso ang Christmas spirit.

  2. Uso siya sakin. ALWAYS! :D Well, except this year...