Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Wishlist, the Simple Joys edition

The Habagat season is already here - though most of the time it doesn't feel like it - and we all know what that means: Christmas!

This is the fourth Christmas - if I'm not mistaken - that I am posting my wishlist online. I used to post expensive materialistic wishlist in the past but this year, I decided to post another list: The Simple Joys list. No, not the SM-owned store. Simple Joys. What it literally means. These are not-so-expensive things that I want to happen during the holidays. Traditions I gotten used to that I want to happen again, small things that makes me happy, anything! I don't need Santa Claus for these. I need friends and family for these.

1. A long, tight bear hug from the boyfriend.

2. A cup of Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks with the boyfriend, with my high school friends and with my college buddies. Hiwa-hiwalay, siyempre.

3. A bag or two of Cheetos JalapeƱo.

4. A nice family photo with Bry and Brianna.

5. A couple of drinks with the TVSTYLE family, high school friends, college friends and Bry. Again, hiwa-hiwalay.

6. Roadtrip with the family after Christmas, before New Year's.

7. Spend Christmas and New Year's with the two most important people in my life: Bry and Brianna.

8. A list of hiphop/R&B 2010-2011 songs for me to download.

9. A one-hour massage.

10. A go signal from the OB that I can start running again. Yes, I used to run. Di lang mukha.

Simple things make me happy despite the saying small people appreciate small things. Kesa naman di ako makaappreciate ng mga effort like other people...

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