Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Super random thoughts on the controversial murder of Ram Revilla

(I know I will sound like a hypocrite to you now, especially when I posted a blog entry on not watching the news just a couple of weeks back but this news story is just too good to pass up. It's too CSI-y.)
1. I don't know him personally and haven't heard of him 'til his murder but there's something about Ram Revilla that gets to me. Maybe it's the famous Revilla eyebrows/eyes. I don't know, but there's something about him. 
2. I conclude that BF Homes, ParaƱaque is not a place to raise a family. It's full of murderers and gun men and people who have hate in their hearts. First, Vizconde. Then those people who got shot while picking up their families from salons/grocery or just going home from a nightout. Then this. 
3. The sibling rivalry theory sounds so cruel but because of the sister fleeing to Hongkong RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the investigation, it kinda confirmed it. 
4. The police are so slow in making decisions and releasing arrest warrants. Why? Kasi nagamok (nung una) ang isang Senador na kamaganak ng mga suspek. Ano naman gagawin niya kung nadakip na ng pulis ang mga suspek? Ipapapatay niya ang buong PNP? Anong kinakatakot ng mga pulis? Nasa tama kayo, mga ser. Pero ayan, naisahan kayo. Tsktsktsk. 
5. I am a mom now so I understand Genelyn Bautista's stand on this issue but there will come a point where she will not be able to deny the facts anymore, especially when the evidences and witnesses surface. 
6. I think the younger brother who's in the custody of the police is an accessory to the crime. He maybe the gunman behind the mask because if you're someone who is a stranger to the family, you won't be needing a mask, will you? Plus, he would've shot Ramona, too so he won't have anybody tell the story. She was by the door, anyway, might as well kill her too. 
7. I knew that Ramona Bautista was familiar. A college buddy kinda confirmed it a couple of days ago. She might be a blockmate of a suitor back in college. 
8. I saw an interview with the Bautistas' lawyer yesterday. He said that Ramona fleeing the country is not a sign of guilt. She just wanted some peace and quiet. Well, darling, you will be getting peace and quiet if you just faced the authorities and told them what really happened. Your peace and quiet will happen either at home or in jail. Wherever it is, you will get it. Yun lang naman hinihingi mo diba? And to the lawyer: Matatalo kaso mo ser. Labo mo magexplain. You ain't got nothin' on Anthony Taberna. 
9. Ramona Bautista, if I were you, I would say the truth. Mas ikakahiya ka ng pamilya mo dahil nagsinungaling ka kesa dahil hindi mo tinulungan ang kapatid mo. If you don't want to tell the truth, though, you should've gotten your story straight the first time. And got the story MEMORIZED before you recorded it. Or maybe you hould've edited it BILANG VIDEO NAMAN SIYA. And you should've mastered the body language of the innocent so the psychologists won't see in your movements the guilt. I should be a lawyer, yeah? 
10. Initially, my heart goes out to the mom because this happened with her kids but now I am not quite sure because now, there are evidences pointing to her.
(This story really piqued my interest the way Vizconde massacre did. Will you call me morbid because of this?)

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