Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How dare I forget to post this here?!

This was sent to me by my favorite college prof in Facebook last Sept. 15.

Little history. Doc Eric and I were the ones who pitched the DLSU Archery Club idea to the Office of University Organizations since it was kinda ironic that we're called the DLSU Green Archers and we don't have an archery team. The two of us (plus my ex, supposedly, but he kinda dumped us when he got accepted to his org then) got all the necessary permits and I wrote the by-laws and all the paperworks and got all signatories. After all the paperwork, I left all the waiting (of approval) to another one of his students who became the first org president.

I am so grateful he hasn't forgotten about my little contribution to the org. He'll forever be my favorite college prof. :)


  1. Oh, I totally remember this. Nice job, Ale! :D

    Me, I'll always remember Sir Eric for that chemistry thing with glue. Hehehe. Ang babaw lang.

  2. I don't remember that. Alam ko lang pogi siya for his age. :)