Friday, December 16, 2011


A friend made me realize a few minutes ago that I have a rather quiet life now that I've decided to "settle down".

She's been complaining on Twitter about this unknown number who keeps on bugging her through text. It reminded me of those endless bickering I used to do with random numbers, stalkers and online accounts back in college. If I have a hunch on who they are, I insult them non-stop, knowing I have the upperhand - I was studying in a prestigious university, I have the guy with me, I speak/type in complete, English sentences and I know I was prettier than them even if I was much, much, much chubbier. I would not get tired of bashing them and picking on all their flaws and even get satisfaction when they block me or when they throw away their sim cards.

Now, I can't imagine myself starting up a fight with psycho exes and insecure girlfriends. First and foremost, my babydaddy is 10 years my senior (Did I use that phrase correctly?) meaning all of his exes are probably married now and I bet they're too old to make patol even if I started a bitch fight. Second, I wouldn't dare get into fights with "old" people because they would probably go "Mas magaling ako sayo" on me. Which annoys the hell out of me because age doesn't justify the way you think. Lastly, I guess it's simply because I finally got tired of this kind of drama. I mean, after 7 years and 2 ex-boyfriends, you'd get tired of trying to prove how in love you are with each other to people who you don't even care about. You don't have to explain to people who care about you and people you care about because they understand. If they don't, they will still be genuinely happy for you.

I tweeted her this towards the end of our conversation on Twitter:
Exciting yang ganyan. Wala nang gumaganyan sakin pero di ko namimiss. Lumagay nako sa tahimik... Hahahaha! :))
Yes, it WAS fun especially if you know you're so much better, wittier and prettier than the other person but there will come a time that you'll know that it isn't worth it anymore, that there are more important things than trying to prove yourself to other people.

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