Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Osama's Shawarma

This has got to be one of the best tasting shawarmas I've ever tasted my whole life. I am not just saying that because the owners of this business are La Sallians and I am not exaggerating.

Last Sunday, we went to the bazaar in the Megatent in Ortigas for some Christmas shopping - where I didn't get to actually shop because I didn't have money with me then; I got myself a pack of gift tags, though - when halfway through the tent, I felt really hungry. We went to where the concessionaires were and immediately thought I wanted to eat shawarma. Now, I am used to eating lame and stale-tasting shawarmas so I didn't expect much when I saw that the Osama's Shawarma stand looks much like any other shawarma stand. So anyway, I had to wait longer than usual before I got my wrap because they just opened and the sauce wasn't ready yet. When I finally got my shawarma and took a bite, it's like my mouth orgasmed from all the flavors. The beef, the bread the onions, the tomatoes, they're all the same but the sauce, ohmygod. I wouldn't mind having bad breath all my life if that were the sauce of all the shawarma I'm going to eat.

Taken from the Osama's Shawarma Multiply site.

Now, I don't know if everything in their menu is as good as their shawarma but the wrap was so yummy, I had to know where they're based then lo and behold, their home base is in Agno.

Commercial: Ugh, just talking about it makes my mouth water.

Anyway, I bet the shawarma rice would make my mouth orgasm in a different way because it's rice and we all know how I LOVE rice. Damn. I wish they have a branch/stand near my place so I could have it any time I want.

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