Friday, January 20, 2012

Lalaki bako?

I suddenly had the urge to splurge all my (really, really, REALLY) hard-earned money and buy shirts that I probably won't wear more than twice and then I realized while browsing through catalogues that I want men's shirts instead of women's. I mean, I don't like the fit of baby tees so I always end up looking at the men's section and find what I like there. Most of the times, too, I like the designs for men's shirt than for women's.

I also went to a high school classmate's website in Multiply to check out what she's selling now and when I saw wedges and all those girly high-heeled shoes, I closed the window.

Am I a man trapped in a woman's body? Why don't I appreciate girly clothes/shoes?

Don't get too carried away, Ale. If it's any consolation, you started wearing bracelets and bangles this year. And you love (rugged) bags. And you're growing fond of dresses. And the fact that you love (window) shopping online a lot means you're a girl.

Yes, I am convincing myself that I am indeed a girl.

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