Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have a new baby.

To celebrate my and Bry's 2nd year anniversary, I got myself a laptop.

Meet Happy. (I'm sorry for the quality of the photo, I just used my phone but I swear, Happy's really sexy.)

I decided to get Happy because she's a need now that I am trying to be serious with this freelance writer thing and I know that it will be a good investment. I'll be getting my money-back in a month's time, anyway, so it's not much of a hassle when it comes to my budget.

Originally, I just wanted to get a netbook because it's so small, I could literally lug it around everywhere I go but Happy is a really handy laptop compared to those other bulky laptops Octagon was selling so I thought it's a win-win situation. I get a laptop instead of a netbook and I could lug it around with me all the time.

Here are some of the first photos we've taken using Happy:

I haven't edited any picture and the lighting was really crappy. I shall try again tomorrow at the party...if the place is well-lit.

So, basically, I bought a gift for myself for our anniversary and for Brianna's birthday. I'm a happy (mommy) bee. :) Crossing out items from the wishlist from 2011.

I'm sorry if I sound really proud about something so small but Happy is, by far, the most expensive thing I've bought with my own money. This is an achievement for someone so cheap like me.


  1. Yay, laptop!

    I just bought a laptop myself (mga two months ago, same brand, same purposes, hehe). Alagaan mo yang HP mo. Apparently (or so my expert uncle says) it tends to break more easily than Sony or other brands. But nadadaan naman sa alaga.

    Ang akin nga lang pinaayos ko na agad, kakakuha ko lang last week. Not sure what happened, really. Windows issues.

  2. Ganun? Panong madaling masira? I want to know para maiwasan...

  3. I don't really know. My cousin's laptop's hard drive failed after three months (then again 24/7 ang gamit dun) and then yung graphics card naman yung pumalya. May friend din siya who has HP issues, not sure lang what exactly. Me, software issue lang so madaling nagawa.

    Then again my dad didn't have problems with his HP laptop... until kinain ng X-ray machine sa NAIA, thus naipit yung laptop at nabali literally yung motherboard...

    ...huwag mo lang siguro pagurin. :p