Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm so sorry if I seem so excited for these rather plain-looking lippies (even if I'm a self-professed tomboy) but I've been eyeing these over at Digtital Traincase's Multiply shop since forever. I always, always was a bit too late in ordering these two specific colors at their shop that I have to endure weeks (felt like months, really) of checking my Multiply account all the time when yesterday, I saw that both colors were still available:

I couldn't choose between the two (and I was getting a bit paranoid since the NYX round lipsticks in their website sell like pancakes) because I wanted both so I bought them both, which isn't too bad because one stick just cost me a hundred and fifty pesos.

(I haven't tried both of them on but once I do, I will update this post.)

Digital Traincase has all sorts of make-up and make-up paraphernalia in their Multiply shop so if you want to buy high-quality make-up for an affordable price, check their shop out. It's at

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