Friday, May 18, 2012

Bloggers x Giveaways plus all random things inside my head since last night.

  1. I've finally given up on becoming a blogger who gets sponsorship and free stuff from online fashion stores. I realized that to be able to become one, I'd have to dress the way bloggers do and I don't dress that way. I am too chubby to wear corsets and bodycon skirts and I love wearing big t-shirts over shorts and a pair of sneakers EVERYDAY. On the mommy blog, well, I do not know what to do exactly so I cannot jumpstart it and start calling myself an actual blogger so to those kind enough who can help me build my mommy blog, I will be very grateful for any help or comment or suggestion or criticism.
  2. After watching Pinoy Big Brother last night, I've realized that I am not someone who needs someone to back me up or make me kampi in whatever battle that I needed to fight. This goes back to fourth year high school when I remembered how I stopped caring about making everyone in our class believe that I was not the person they think I was. I fought for a very close friend then, not caring if I was butting heads with someone from the biggest barx in our batch. It doesn't even matter if she's palengkera and all. I just needed to protect my friend. When they started to come after me, I didn't ask for my friends' help. I knew that I can handle their shallowness. I mean, what's the biggest thing that we can fight about back in high school, right?
  3. I hate, hate, hate having people tell me what to do. My mom and I had a heated discussion about it last night over midnight snack and she keeps on pointing out that I SHOULD listen to her and I keep on telling her that she couldn't impose it on me. I mean, what if I didn't want to listen to what she's saying, right? Anyway, I assured her that I listen to her but I think her definition of "listening" is for me to shut up and not contradict her or offer her some other perspective on the issue.
  4. I get annoyed really easily when I have had too much to eat and when I don't get enough sleep. I need to start working out, really.


  1. I assured her that I listen to her but I think her definition of "listening" is for me to shut up and not contradict her or offer her some other perspective on the issue.

    Most, if not all, parents do. Unfortunately.

    I don't know about you, though. When Brianna grows up and reaches her teens, prolly?

  2. I sure hope not. Conscious effort mangyayari nito.

  3. Inigo's MommyMay 21, 2012 at 3:11 PM

    I think my relationship with my mom "improved" when I left their house. (THEIR na talaga haha) We only talk once in a while for a few minutes which is a good and healthy for the both of us. Haha.

    Sometimes, parents should understand that when their own kids have their own kids already all they can do is "hover". Walang pakialaman unless asked and needed. They should understand that we're not just their kids anymore we're also a mother/wife ouselves. Ano kaya mararamdaman niya kung ang sarili niyang magulang/biyanan ang mangialam sa kanya.

    Yun lang. Hahaha!

    Coffee? :P

  4. Yeah, tell that to my mom. Feeling niya siya si Marcos at ang bahay namin e under ng Martial Law. It gets annoying but I can't do something (right now) kasi dito pako nakatira...which kinda sucks.

    Game sa coffee. When are you free? :)

  5. While you're under their roof you have no choice but to follow their rules. Nothing will change unless you do something about it. So wait till 2013? :)

    Text me! :)