Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kat Valdez's Summer Accessories Overload Giveaway

I am not really a fashionable mom but I would love to think that I take good care of myself and the way I present myself to people. This summer has been especially hard for me for the simple reason that I still haven't toned my body. I lost the weight, alright, but the flabs have been squatting on my tummy and that is the reason why I can't flaunt my body still. So, to show everyone I am beach-ready, I just dress up in summer-y clothes and that includes accessorizing.

Kat Valdez, a fashion blogger is actually giving away some accessories from Pinkest BlueSugar Kissed and LovetoshopUK and it would be great if I got me some of those bracelets and neck pieces. After all, this is the only way I can show my summer spirit (as of now).

These pieces are up for grabs (photos borrowed from Kat Valdez's post):

You can still join her giveaway but it closes May 12th so get there now to get a chance to win these prizes!

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