Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life Peg (as of the moment)

Last May 3, Bianca Gonzalez liked my tweet and she actually took the time to reply to me:

I actually just started following her on Twitter last month. I had her account in my Guilty Pleasures list for a long time at first but then I got inspired by how dedicated she is to her work, to her family and to her boyfriend that I developed some kind of fanaticism for her. Not the Kean Cipriano kind of fanaticism (we all know how erotic that can get) but the kind that you actually want to do something about your life just because you see how much she works hard on balancing hers. I mean, how can you not be a fan? She's pretty and she's great at what she does (host, writer, editor-in-chief among others) and to top it all off, she voices out her opinions without getting into fights because of it (I would really want to learn how to do this).

I also started following her because my timeline has been invaded by negative people that I need some ray of sunshine in there or else I might get sucked into the negativity oblivion everyone seem to be in these days.


  1. I agree! Parang lahat ng tao sa Twitter may galit sa mundo! Hahaha!

  2. Diba? May friend pako dun na ultimo eyebags minumura. Nakakaloka.

  3. Bianca Gonzales is an inspiring person!