Sunday, June 10, 2012

First ever outfit shot.

This will be the first time that I will be posting an outfit post but it's not mine. It's Brianna's. After I ran at the OROFOLS event by the De La Salle Alumni Association, we went to S&R in The Fort and this is what Brianna wore:

White top with silver flowers from Little Miss

Royal blue jeggings from Moose Girl

Dora the Explorer sandals from SM Character Shop

I love the Dora the Explorer sandals that my mom bought for Brianna. It's light but it actually is heavy duty plus it's really soft on the feet that it actually feels like it's a pair of Havaiannas. This is the perfect pair of slippers for Brianna. It won't hurt that much if she wears it out because it is not pricey.

The Moose Girl royal blue jeggings was an impulsive purchase. I was actually looking for a birthday gift for our cousin but I ended up grabbing this uber cute pair of jeggings for Brianna. It's really light so Brianna doesn't have a hard time walking while wearing it. Plus it is thin so she can wear it outside even if the sun is scorching hot.

She looks really chic with this, I would have to say. She looks fashionable without looking older than her actual age. I just wish she isn't uncomfortable wearing headbands because I have one in her closet that will look really good with this ensemble.

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