Saturday, June 9, 2012

I have the biggest hair among all the people I know (personally).

I am the only person I know that has this big, unruly hair. I don't even know what happened because when I was a baby, I looked like this:

A lot of people thought I was a baby boy because of how light my hair was. My lifelong yaya, Ate Thelma, told me that she would put gata on my hair every once in a while to make it thicker and now, I blame her for this mess:

Photo by Brianna. This is the only photo I have of my hair because I don't take photos of it really when it's all kinky.
Well, it's not entirely the gata's fault because I had my hair relaxed twice and a lot of hairstylists have been reprimanding me throughout the years about it so I guess that - plus that time I had my hair colored in college - made more damage than the gata.

Anyway, yesterday was the last straw and I thought that I needed to do something about it so I went to my mom's bathroom and went snooping around for her hot oil/moisturizer thingy but I ended up using this:

The decision to use this has got to do with that short span of time in high school before I had my hair relaxed where I couldn't take the unruliness of my hair. I used this every morning before I took a bath. I did that again and then this happened:

I'm sorry for the face. I didn't know what face to do because I was inside the freaking bathroom.
I HAVE FOUND THE CHEAPER OPTION! Wooh! I was convinced that I needed to have my hair rebonded but I love how my hair looks healthy now and best of all, BAGSAK NA SIYA! My hair doesn't look like some feather duster anymore! I did it again today and will continue doing it if it makes my hair look like this without the help of a flat iron.

Man, this post is overworked but really, really shallow. 

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