Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I do not know if it's just me and my crazy thinking that imported food tastes better (just 'cause I am not used to the taste of their food) but this particular beer was yummier than San Mig Light plus I didn't get hungover after drinking a couple of bottles of Corona even if I haven't eaten anything yet. I love this and the other German brand that I don't have a picture of. If only they were as cheap as San Miguel beers...


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    1. Napa-Google tuloy ako.

      Heineken is apparently Dutch.

      Carlsberg sounds German, but is Danish.

      Ewan. Hehehe.

  2. Corona!!! yan lang madalas ko din inumin dito! masarap na German beer Beck's. hahaha (alcoholic na pala)

    1. I love it, Babes! Lasinggera ka na! Paguwi mo dito, painom ka! Hahaha! :))