Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mommy Boobs.

I was never really proud of my boobs in the past. If anything, I think that they're the reason why I've had poor posture for the better part of my high school years. Come college, I realized how gifted I was and I've become confident and I have learned to flaunt what I've got without attracting negative attention to my "babies".

But now that I am a mom - a BREASTFEEDING mom at that - I am having a hard time, once again, with how my boobs look like. If you want to know how they look, well, that's kind of weird but here's a photo:

I want for them to look perky again but at the same time, not attract unwanted attention. It will also be great if the bras are comfortable enough for a nursing mom to wear, easy enough for me to access when I need to feed my baby and fashionable enough for me to wear them under whatever clothes I choose to wear, daytime or night time.

Another thing: if there's such a bra that helps you with your posture, that is going to be great, too. I mean, look at me. I seem to have gone back to my high school self-esteem with the way I stand. I am not, in any way, conscious about how "bigger" and saggier they've become. It's just that they became too "heavy" for my poor back to handle.

Wacoal has great kinds of bras that I can choose from and when I browsed through their website, I've seen some that fit all the requirements I want my bras to have.

This particular bra will most probably give the support my breasts need. Plus points for it being a sports bra because it will be able to help me perfectly with my goal for this year.

A maternity bra is still part of my wishlist because it seems that I still haven't found the perfect pair since I've given birth. I love this particular maternity bra because of its youthful design and it will provide great support to a breastfeeding mom.

All in all, I am really happy with how things turned out but I would love to be proactive with the things that I choose to change and I know that Wacoal will be able to help me with this small dilemma I have when it comes to underwear. For more information about their products, you can visit their website at

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