Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's a go!

Since I have a very responsible sister...

We're registered for Outbreak Manila already! Wooh! I know that this isn't really an official marathon/fun run of sorts but I know that it's fun and everyone will be running. We will be running the 11:30pm wave which means there's enough time for us to hangout before and after Outbreak. Wooh! I am so excited.

What's even more exciting is Isabelle Daza, Anne Curtis and Georgina Wilson will be running, too. I just don't know what wave they are in but the idea of actually (maybe) meeting them in person is adding up to my anticipation of the event. I mean, I'm all googly eyes whenever I see Georgina Wilson anywhere (except in person) and I am an Anne Curtis fan (I am not afraid to say it) so meeting - or just seeing - them in person will definitely be a highlight of my life. Okay, so I've seen Anne Curtis in St. Paul a lot before since Jasmine Curtis used to be batchmates with my sister there but I just want to see her in person again, okay?

Going back, I'd want to dress up as something for Outbreak Manila but I still don't know what because I am not exactly someone who can actually pull off a costume... Hmmm...

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