Monday, June 25, 2012

The Lion craze.

I am currently looking for these lion stuff and it's not because of Bry, okay? I just find these pieces really cool and I know that these will definitely look good with a couple of stuff I bought online.

This is a ring I saw on eBay and the seller is a Filipino but she didn't reply to the text messages I sent to her two mobile numbers posted and to the inquiry I left her mailbox. Long story short, the bidding ended and I didn't even get a chance to know if this one's adjustable or not. Ugh. I'm so bitter about this. :|

This H&M necklace has been in my watch list since last year. I was supposed to ask my brother's girlfriend, Peng, to get me one when she went to Singapore a few weeks ago but alas, I completely forgot about it and remembered a day after she got back. Smart.

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