Sunday, June 24, 2012

After 11 years...

I have been drinking alcohol for 11 years now and can I just say that I just realized last night how my body reacts to beer. Well, that's actually not that surprising if you think about it because I never drank beer before I got pregnant except for certain situations (e.g. officemate's birthday celebrations and nightouts with my former officemates...sila lang mahilig mag-beer, okay?). Now that I have to transition from hard liquor to beer because of alcohol content in my breastmilk (yes, I am allowed to drink), I've just figured out how I react to beer.

A bottle of beer gives me a headache. I learned this while I was on one of my emo moments at home and I wanted to drink a bottle of beer because I just wanted to take a break from work and from mommyhood and I gave myself exactly 30 minutes to finish the bottle. Long story short, I took a longer break from both because my head was throbbing like crazy. One bottle? Never again.

2-3 bottles of beer is the exact amount for me (as of now). I've been jamming with my dad and Bry the past few weekends and this is just enough for me to talk to them rationally and for me to wake up early the next morning for an hour of running.

4 bottles are just enough to put me in a deep sleep. Exhibit A: Me, last night.

5 bottles and up will make you regret you asked me to drink in the first place. It's puke-palooza for me and you might as well take me to the hospital because I'd be spewing out like a volcano and my head will hurt like hell for two days and my stomach will feel like there's hairball inside it and I will be asking for a lot of tea and soda...

Anyway, that's my analysis for now. I know that the more I drink, the better the numbers will be... The first one, though, will remain constant. I know that for a fact kasi kahit sa hard ganyan ako e.

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