Thursday, August 2, 2012

50 Shades of Freakery.

I've just started the third 50 Shades book (Special thanks to Anna and Angela for sending me a copy of the third book) and can I just say I am quite thankful that the copy I first had was blank? Why? Well, because I couldn't take the emotional rollercoaster it brought me and having half a day away from the book actually stabilized me a bit.

As I've said, I am not one to actually read books on my computer but for the sake of this book and the money that I can save if I read it here, I did and can I just say that my eyes are puffy either because of the fact that I sleep later than usual, the long time I spend reading the book on my laptop or from crying in different parts of the book. Maybe all of the above.

I'm not really into the whole sado-masochist sexual lifestyle but I must say this book got me hooked only because I love how twisted the character of Christian Grey is. He's so intriguing and you'd never know what he'll do next. I also love how my emotions are so high up on one paragraph and then all of a sudden, it plunges so far down, I actually feel the hurt. There are times when I also want to throw my laptop because I can relate to the frustration Ana has towards Christian. (Yeah, I have my very own 50 Shades, too, though he's not a sadist and he's not disturbed. Demanding lang talaga siya.)

I know I haven't finished the third book yet but I guess it's safe to say that the charm of the book is on the manner it is written. If you ask me, it's like reading a fiction written by me. It's not at all well-written and the author would've done a lot better when it comes to storytelling but the manner on how it is written actually works. It's like a justification of the twisted-ness of Christian Grey.

Anyway, I've to get back to the book now. I want to finish it before Friday ends. I've a lot of (e-)books to read after this. (Thanks, Jill!)

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