Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shop Team Manila Lifestyle apparel at Zalora!

I was mindlessly browsing through my Twitter feed this morning when I came across one of Zalora's retweets from a girl who just got her new shirt from the boutique. What caught my attention was the design. I'd know that design anywhere: it is a Team Manila Lifestyle exclusive!

Team Manila is one of my favorite local shirt brands because of their unique designs and their witty catch phrases. Here are some of my favorites:

Philippines Plus 63

Promoter of Positive Vibes

Y'all Phillin It?

You might be wondering why I chose men's shirts. Well, I am not much of a girly girl and when it comes down to t-shirts, I choose from the men's catalogue. Not only do they fit me better, they also have much cooler designs for the men's my opinion, anyway.

These shirts and a whole lot of different designs are available at the Zalora boutique. You can get them, too, for a more affordable price with this discount voucher:

Voucher code: Aletotski0
5% off for a minimum purchase of Php500 

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