Monday, August 6, 2012

Travelling with Zalora

The family is planning an out-of-the-country trip for my sister's debut at the end of the year but being the excited little thing that I am, even without the plane tickets yet, I can't stop thinking about what I need to bring to the trip. Naturally, I went online window shopping to give me an idea of what I need to bring. I ended up in Zalora and here are some of my travel essentials picks from their boutique:

  1. This Tokidoki Terryl 2-set trolley is a mommy-baby must-have, if I may say so myself. When going out of the country for 3-5 days definitely calls for a lot of clothes, especially if you travel around December because of the cold weather and all the shopping you will most probably do on your trip will definitely call for a roomy luggage. In this case, the luggage is sort of a buy-one-take-one thing because the bigger luggage comes with the "baby luggage".
  2. A luggage tag has become a necessity now so you can quickly spot your luggage. This vintage travel agency-inspired Colulmbia retro luggage tag will do the job. I mean look at how pretty it is. You won't miss your luggage with this.
  3. My laptop will definitely need a nice home for the trip and I thought that this Santorini laptop case from Plains and Prints will do the job. It can even become a makeshift purse, if you have clothes that will match your laptop case.
  4. A shopping bag is definitely a must-have for out-of-the-country trips. I mean, you need one for a quick trip to the mall, what more to a place where you can get stuff that you can't see in the Philippines, right? This Flink Eiffel foldable shopping bag looks sturdy enough to handle all the shopping Brianna, Bry and I will most likely do.
  5. This resort tote bag by Jacinto & Lirio, in my opinion, is the best bag to bring to a trip. Why? The reason is simple: Look at its color. It's all summer-y and bright but look at the material in which it is made. It can be used during a rainy day without having to worry about getting the things inside of your bag wet. It is the perfect accessory to cheer you up in a gloomy weather.
  6. I always tend to forget to bring a pair of slippers whenever we go out of town but with these super comfy and super pretty Flexflop foldable slippers, I'm pretty sure I will never forget to bring it (even if I'm just going to the loo).
Zalora offers all of these items and more on their online shop, and all of the items in their website are subject to these services:

For discounts, just type Aletotski0 (Aletotski[zero]) on the coupon option on the checkout page to get a 5% discount on your purchase.

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